We work across all sectors

Unlike languages themselves, our translation services know no barriers. Whether you operate within the public or private sector, belong to the largest of organisations or a small start-up, AtoZ can help you.

We have worked extensively in both the healthcare and social care sectors, offering patients and service users the critical opportunity to gain access to services on equal footing with native English speakers.

The sectors in which we specialise include:

  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Social care
  • Children’s services
  • Education
  • Local authorities
  • Private enterprise

Within these broad sectors, we have provided services within hospitals and probation services, in women’s health services and for businesses and charities.

We select translators and interpreters who are not just mother-tongue speakers of the language at hand, but specialists in your particular subject. Accuracy is our watchword.

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Interpreting & Translation Services

Face to Face Interpreting

There’s no replacing the personal touch. If you are able to plan interviews in advance, face-to-face interpreting can be the most effective way of ensuring that difficult issues can be fully addressed.

Video Remote Interpreting

Distance doesn’t need to be an obstacle to good communication. Video remote interpreting is a global, cost-effective solution for anyone looking to bring people together.

Telephone Interpreting

When time is of the essence, we’re always at the end of the phone. Some interpreting queries are well-suited to face-to-face appointments – but others can be ironed out easily and quickly. Sometimes, they have to be.

British Sign Language Interpreters

Not all interpreting is verbal. Around 50,000 people in the country use British Sign Language (BSL). It is a rich and complex visual language with its own grammar and idioms and is quite different from spoken languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This type of interpreting is used at conferences, for large meetings where the interpreter works with headsets and interprets at the same time as the speaker is speaking.

Consecutive Interpreting

The Interpreter works alongside the speaker interpreting when the speaker finishes. This is used for Business meetings, conferences and in client/ practitioner situations.

Short Notice Booking

We can’t always plan our conversations. Sometimes we need a little extra help in understanding what’s being said to us. That’s where our short-notice booking service comes in.

Out of Hours Service

We understand that communication doesn’t run to a timetable. That’s why we offer a very comprehensive and competitive 24-hour service. Whatever your out-of-hours need, we can help bring people together.

Translation Services

We can provide translations in all major language combinations covering a wide variety of subject matters, ranging from technical manuals, to sales brochures, business reports, marketing papers and scientific or literary texts.  

Text To Speech

Often, a quick verbal summary of a document’s contents provides an ideal solution. Where a complete translation would be surplus to requirements, our translators can offer a reliable, accurate précis.

Transcription Services

A to Z Interpreting offer a fast and professional audio transcription service converting spoken language into written form

Out of Hours Service

Translation doesn’t run to a timetable. AtoZ interpreting can offer a very comprehensive and competitive 24-hour service, accommodating every out-of-hours need – from extended GP surgery hours to late-night calls to a police station.

Short Notice Booking

Text can be urgent, too. Translators rarely have the luxury of time – and our short-notice booking service gives you instant access to high-quality translation. Some documents are urgent – we’re here to help facilitate speed.