At AtoZ, we believe in achieving strength in breadth and depth. That’s why we maintain a large database of interpreters and translators, which enables us to support a wide range of language requirements.

In order to offer this extensive coverage, we do not employ in-house interpreters. As we utilise a broad network of expert freelancers.

The languages we offer are listed below – hover over each to read a little about each.


Agni From Ghana

Afrikaans: a language of South Africa

Native to countries of the Arab League

Albanian: A language of Albania

Akan: Also known as Twi, Asante & Fante From Ghana

Amazegh: Spoken In Morrocco

Amharic: Language of Ethopia

Armenian: A language of Armenia

Ashanti: A language of Ghana

Azari: A language of Northern Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani: a language belonging to the Turkic language family


Bambura – National language of Mali

Bawule -Spoken on the ivory coast

Badini: Kurdish Dialect

Belarusan: Spoken in Belarus

Bengali: a language of Bangladesh

Berber: Spoken in Morroco, Algeria Niger , Mali & Libya

Bosnian: A language of Yugaslavia

Burushaski: Spoken in North Pakistan

British Sign Language: Sign Language for the Deaf community

Bulgarian: a language of Bulgaria

Burmese: a language of Burma

Burgundian: spoken in the region of Burgundy

Burundi: Official language of Brunie

Baluchi: North west Iranian Language, principal language of Balochistan


Language of China

Cataln: A language of Spain

Chinese: This is a language a family includes Mandarian, Hakka, Cantonese etc

Croatian: Southeren Slovic language primaraily used in Crotia

Czech: a language of Czech Republic

Dioula – Spoken in West Africa

Danish: a language of Denmark

Dari – is a variation of the Persian language spoken in Afghanistan

Diola: Spoken in Senegal Gambia And Guinea

Dioala: spoken in Cote d ivore and Mali

Dutch: Language of the Netherlands closely related to English and German


EDO- Nigerian language

Estonian: a language of Estonia

English: Official language in 54 countries, 27 non-sovereign entities, United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth of Nations, CoE, NATO, NAFTA, OAS, OIC, PIF ,UKUSA

Farsi – Primarily spoken in Iran & Afghanisatan

Finnish: a language of Finland

Flemish – Native to Belgium , Netherland & France

French: a language of France

Fula: is a language of West Africa


Gag: a language of Ghana

Gaelic, Irish: a language of Ireland

Gaelic, Scots: a language of United Kingdom

Georgian: a language of Georgia

German, Standard: a language of Germany

Gorani – Spoken by people from Gora a region between kosova, Albania and North Macedonia

Greek: a language of Greece

Gujarati: a language of India


Hainanese- Chinese Language

Chinese, Hakka: a language of China

Hebrew: a language of Israel

Hindi: a language of India

Hindko: A language of Northern Pakistan

Hungarian: a language of Hungary

Hausa: Spoken mostly in West Africa, North Nigeria and south east Niger


Icelandic: a language of Iceland

Igbo: a language of Nigeria

Indonesian: a language of Indonesia (Java and Bali)

Italian: a language of Italy

Illongo: is an Austronesian language spoken in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.


Jula – Spoken in Mali and ivory coast

Japanese: a language of Japan


Kabyle – Berber language North Algeria

Kathiawadi: Gujarati Dialect from India

Kazakh: language of Kazakhstan

Kosovan: A language Kosovo

Korean: a language of Korea.

Karatianian: Tupi language spoken in Rondonia in the Amozon Region of Brazil

Kurdish – Spoken in Iran, Iraq Suria and Turkey

Kurmanji: a language of Turkey

Kannada: Spoken in India Predominately in the state of Karnatka

‘Kuchi: Language if India spoken in the state of Gujarat and Sindh

Kitubu: used in central Africa creole language evolved from kikongo and kimanyanga

Kirundi: Dialect of rwanda spoken in Brundi & parts of Tanzania

Kimyarwandi  – Language of Rawanda

Kikuyu- Language of Kenya

Kiswahali: spoken by various ethnic groups of the Mozabique coast line

Khuwar: Spoken in Chitral Pakistan


Latvian: a language of Latvia

Lingala: a language of Democratic Republic of Congo

Lithuanian: a language of Lithuania


Macedonian: A language of Macedonia

Malayalam: A language of India

Malinke: spoken in Guinea and Mali

Mandarin: A language of China

Marathi: a language of India

Pothohari (Mirpuri): Language of Pakistan also known a Putwari

Mongolian – Official language of Mongolia

Malay: is the official language of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore

Mandinka: is the main language of The Gambia

Montenergrin: Spoken in Montenegro


Nepali: A language of Nepal

Norwegian, Bokmaal: a language of Norway

Ndebele: spoken n Zimbabwe


Spoken in the horn of Africa

Pidgeon- Broken languages mixed up, broken English, French

Broken English or French

Panjabi: Language of India & Pakistan

Pashto- is one of the official languages of Afghanistan, spoken widely in the North west and west Pakistan.

‘Pidgin, Cameroon: a language of Cameroon

‘Polish: a language of Poland

Portuguese: Official  language of Brazil, Cape Verde, Portugal, Angola, Guinea

Potwari-Mostly spoken in Azad Kashmir which is part of Pakistan.Potawari: A language of Pakistan also known as Mirpuri


Romanian: a language of Romania

Russian: a language of Russia (Europe)

Rwanda: A language of Rwanda


Sariki Language of Pakistan

Soninike -Spoken in Mali Gambia, Sengegal and Mauritania

Serbian: Spoken in Serbia

Sinhalese: a language of Sri Lanka

‘Slovakian: is the official language of Slovakia

Slovene or Slovenian: language of Slovenia

Somali: a language of Somalia

Susu or Sosoxui: Spoken in Guinea West Africa

Spanish: a language of Spain

Swahili: a language of Tanzania

Swedish: a language of Sweden

Sylhetti: a language of Bangladesh

Sorani: is the name of a Kurdish language that is spoken in Iran and Iraq

Shona: spoken in Zimbabwe

‘Serbo-croatian: South Slavic Language Spoken in Bosnia serbia Herzegovina & Montengro


Tagalog: a language of Philippines

Tamil: Language of India spoken in Tamil nadu and Sri Lanka

Telgu – South Indian Language

Tigranian: a language of Ethiopia

Tshiluba: a language of Democratic Republic of Congo

Turkish: Language of Turkey

Twi: a language of Ghana

Taiwanese: language of Taiwan

Tigre: language of Eritrea, Sudan

Thai: a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in and around Thailand


Ukrainian: a language of Ukraine

‘Urdu: a language of Pakistan

Uzbek, Northern: a language of Uzbekistan


Vietnamese: a language of Vietnam

‘Venda: The official language of South Africa


Welsh: a language of United Kingdom

Wakhi: Eastern Iranian language

Woolof: is a language spoken in Senegal


‘Yemeni: Dialect of arabic spoken in Yemen

Yoruba: Spoken in West Africa


Zulu: is the language of the Zulu people of South Africa