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We are looking for a Kurdish interpreters to fill assigments locally. Tel 0121 246 1479 // 07967312010

About Abida Dar

I am a self-motivated individual with a passion for social justice. I have been successfully running A to Z interpreting and Translation Services Ltd, previously known as AFC Interpreting and Translation Services since April 2006. My previous work experience is in the voluntary sector as a bi-lingual paralegal worker. My mother tongue is Punjabi and I have always worked in inner city multicultural areas where my language skills have been an essential part of my job. In my role as a paralegal worker I have had to access the service of interpreters in tribunal cases also in advice work situations, where my clients where not Punjabi or English speaking. This has further developed my interest and passion for good quality services to ensure equality and social justice.
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We are recruiting again

2012-05-24 17:36:38

  • Somali (male)
  • Arabic(female),
  • Spanish,
  • German,
  • Thai,

    Arabic Interpreter Required

    2012-03-02 12:36:59

    We are looking for Arabic interpreters from Egypt or Morroco must have a CRB. Contact Abida (Managing Directo...